Today we are excited to announce Rethink Supply Chains: The Tech Challenge to Combat Labor Trafficking at the 5th anniversary celebration of With $500,000 in prizes, the Challenge will launch this fall and calls for innovative technologies to identify and address labor trafficking in global supply chains for goods and services. Innovators will be invited to submit entries that help corporations, governments, and NGOs understand where trafficking occurs in supply chains and track and respond to labor violations, elevate the voices of workers, and improve accountability in foreign labor recruitment.

The Challenge is our second of three innovation competitions designed to spur innovative solutions to human trafficking challenges. This Challenge will support our work to bring new actors, new skills, new ideas, and new energy to the fight against global labor trafficking.

Since 2010, the federal government has launched more than 440 challenges with prizes totaling over $150 million. At today’s event, which was hosted by the White House, the Case Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, and Georgetown University, teams and individuals were recognized for pushing the bar on prize design and execution, and for future commitments to open innovation. We’re thrilled to have Partnership Freedom included in this very impressive line-up.

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