The two winning projects will strengthen critical services for human trafficking survivors in their local communities while generating new information that can be used to develop effective approaches to combating modern slavery.

MGH Freedom Clinic

A project of the MGH Human Trafficking Initiative from the Department of Emergency Medicine’s Division of Global Health & Human Rights, was awarded $600,000 to establish a pioneering model of comprehensive primary and preventative health care services for trafficking survivors. Massachusetts General Hospital, the oldest and largest of the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, will provide best-in-class, trauma-informed care to survivors. Lessons learned will be shared with healthcare providers across the nation to inform new policies and protocols that will improve the ability of our health care system to identify and assist trafficking survivors.
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Safe Shelter Collaborative

The Safe Shelter Collaborative was awarded $1.17 million to dramatically increase access to appropriate, supportive shelters for survivors of human trafficking. A collaboration between Polaris Project, New Jersey Department of Children and Families, and Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global, this project uses technology to locate and provide immediate shelter services for survivors and will increase the amount of shelter available by broadening the base of organizations who can provide quality assistance to trafficking survivors.
Meet the Team:
Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup Global

New Jersey Department of Children and Families

Polaris Project